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Current Live Music Roundup

gogoLab: gogoLab does a wide variety of live improvisational DJ remix-style music, featuring the stertorial drumming of Brian McRae the mesmerizing bass tactics of Bijou Barbossa and of course yours truly shoving crazy electric noises through the echoplex. We've been a fixture at the Appaloosa Grill for four years now, currently performing the first and third wednesdays of every month.  More recently, we've been teaming up with Liza Oxnard doing some interesting modern downtempo electronica originals and covers.

Colorado Avalanche: I am now the Official Organist for the Colorado Avalanche NHL hockey team.  The team is not doing fantastically this year, but they are young and can kick some butt when they get in synch.  They had an awesome streak earlier this season.  The whole game entertainment staff with whom I work are all awesome folks.  And I get paid to watch hockey!

Rob Drabkin: Rob is a fine singer songwriter, and super nice easygoing guy.  He also had the immaculate good sense to sign up gogoLab as his backup band.  Rob is making quite a name for himself around town, most recently opening a number of shows for Big Head Todd.  Rob asked me to do string arrangements on his first album, which Westword magazine called 'gorgeous'.  I've since done string arrangements for two other albums, yet to be released.

Avalon Road:
Featuring the songs and guitar work of Alan Wartes, and great vocals from Issa Forrest and Monika Vischer, as well as myself on bass, and Lia Davis on keyboards and accordion, Avalon road plays uplifting folk music with lush dense vocal harmonies and a lot of textural detail.  We just released our first album, 'Love is Everything', recorded mostly live at Notably Fine Audio

The Bloomers: A spanking new band playing Klezmer and other music of the mid-continental European folk diaspora.  It's a great band, featuring crack violinist Katie Glassman, clarinetist Bill Ponterelli and multi-instrumentalist Yaniv Salzberg.  It's fun for me because I get to play most of the show on Accordion.

Rebecca Folsom: Rebecca has a lovely voice, writes memorable songs, and is backed up by what I consider to be one of Colorado's finest rhythm sections.  You can hear drummer Christian Teele and bassist Chris Engleman on the NPR show E-Town.  Add Chris Malley's polished guitar playing, and you have a band that could release an album after every show...

George Inai: George Inai's first album was a big-sky concoction of old western balladry and bordertown romance, punctuated by lonesome slide guitar, mariachi trumpet, and of course, accordion. Now George is back in the studio working with us on his second album, which sounds like it is coming out of a victrola from another dimension.

Ron Miles: Ron needs no introduction to denver jazz Fans, but he is also known nationally for his work with Bill Frisell and Madeline Peyroux among many others. Ron has a shifting lineup of players, often including guitarist Roger Green, pedal steel trailblazer Glenn Taylor, and bassist Greg Garrison

Jim Salestrom: Long time musical director for Dolly Parton, and former guitarist with John Denver, Jim is an impeccable finger-picker with a gorgeous voice. He has a dizzying repertoire of songs, including great originals, little known covers, and about every great folksong written in the last 35 years or so. He is also about the nicest guy you will ever meet!

Liz Barnez: A long-time Colorado mainstay, Liz has just released a new album featuring top-flight LA talent (can you say Vinnie Colaiuta?) in a genre she has dubbed New Orleans Folk-Rock. She is a brilliantly funky accoustic guitar player, has a great voice and is an absolute joy to play with. The current rhythm section of Marty Ryan and Bryon Holley is righteously funkalicious.

Liza Oxnard: Liza is a great singer, songwriter and electric guitarist, with an eclectic style and a killer band, notable for funky grooves and great vocal harmonies. 

Lionel Young: Lionel Young won the International Blues Challenge two years ago in the solo/duo category, and this year with a full band.  Unfortunately I couldn't join him in Memphis due to the impending birth of my baby daughter.  Lionel is an encyclopedic blues player/singer/historian, as well as an accomplished classical violinist.


May 28, 2011: My daughter Cora was born on march 15th of this year, so I am waist-deep in parenting.  Since the last entry, I've done a bunch more sessions for John McVey, more George Inai songs (he released the first of a set of EP's) and did basic tracks for albums by Katie Glassman and Shawn Waggoner. (That's my accordion on 'restless' on her website, from the last album.) Now I'm getting ready to do keyboards for The Midnight Kites' second album.

Jan 25, 2011: Wow all the news below is like 4 years out of date!!  Well, I lost the password to my website, and it took years to find it.  Kidding.  I'm just incredibly lazy--It only took one email.  Well anyway, some recent exciting news... I've been doing a lot of recording recently.  One favorite was the new record 'Saints and Sinners' by Mollie and Rich O'Brien where I got to share keyboard and accordion chores with my friend John Magnie of The Subdudes.  The album features great arrangements by Eric Thorin.  I've also done a dozen or so different album projects with producer John McVey, including his most recent solo album, 'Unpredictable'.  I've also been working a good bit at NFA Studios in Denver, including George Inai's second album.  Another really fun project I did there was 'The Color of Light' by The Midnight Kites, produced by legendary slide guitarist Sally Van Meter.  I also did a couple of film projects this year, one by David Quint, about his father's visit to the swiss orphanage where he was born, and another about a painter known for his work during live concerts.  I also did accordion work for the soundtrack to the theater piece 'House of the Spirits' at DCPA this fall.  And I did music for an experimental theater piece as a part of "One Book, One Denver" by Scott Kinnamon with processed saxophone wizardry by Mark Harris.

In personal news, I got married last fall, to the talented pianist, accordionist, composer and arranger Lia Davis.  We had the good fortune to be asked to perform piano duets on the new float 'Keys to the City' in the Parade of Lights this December.... We also play together in the band, Avalon Road.

YEARS AGO (2007?): Well, I have gone and got myself a MYSPACE page, so I can hang with those for whom this is an abiding obsession. While I was at it, I updated this page with a cool, retro, monospaced font. Wow, how neo-luddite of me!

Nov 7: A long time since I put up news, I guess. This summer, I did a lot of work with Rebecca Folsom, and this fall we recorded a new album at John Macy's studio. This fall, I played the E-Town Show at the Boulder Theater, and got the chance to play with M'Shell Ndegeocello and Steve Earle. I'm a big fan of both, but would never have expected to play with both on the same stage. Then in October, I had the opportunity to do a show with songwriter Darrell Scott, again at the Boulder Theater. If you're not familiar with his songwriting, you should check out his website. He's an amazing songwriter, great singer and raging guitarist. I think I will be doing more shows with him in future.

Mar 1: New music up on the site. Check out new stuff from the Jeff Finlin Band, gogoLab, and the Moon-Reid Project.

Jan 6: Hey, folks, I've got PHOTOS! My friend and "Nine Horse Johnson" co-conspirator David Reid has kindly furninshed me with not only HTML, but some fine pics of he and I in various delightful locales, as well as a few art pieces based on Wyoming weather cams. To that, I've added a few pictures of myself, as well as those of my long-time best friend, the canine spirit Temiqui... Happy New Year, All!!

Nov 1: Big News! My friend and 'Sons of Igor' co-hort Gary Bragg has written a musical, entitled "The Ticket", and it opens off-broadway on election day, with a cast of pretty heavy hitters. Two of the songs from the album have been worked into the show, and you can find the album versions here on the site, in the personal rambling section of the mp3 page. I'll be flying out for the second show, since I've got a big election day performance with Liz Barnez...

July 17: Check it out. Live video from the Nina Hagen tour in 1999!
Here's a cool techno tune called "Schaschmatt".
The band consists entirely of Denverites who were at that time living in LA:
Joshua Lopez, Guitar
Jeff Mince, Drums
Brad van Loenen, Bass

Here are some other tunes up on YouTube, if you liked that:
ska thing
tv glotzer
yes sir

June 25: Hey, kids, there's LOADS of new music up! Check the mp3 page for songs I recorded with songwriters Kreg Viesselman and Sally Shuffield, featuring Accordion, Hammond and both electric and acoustic piano work. Also, a couple of tracks from the new release by Andy Monely, formerly of the Czars, highlighting some more exotic sounds. Coming soon: new tracks recorded "live" at Notably Fine Audio with the Jeff Finlin Band. These tracks came out really nicely, and are currently being mixed in Nashville. And you can now buy the new gogoLab album "The Stakeout" at the website here!

June 2: Geez, about time to update the news! Well, my shoulders are pretty much back to normal, as long as I keep stretching. Liza is back in gear with a spate of summer gigs around the release of her new album. The gogoLab record releases went off swimmingly, Liz is working a bunch, and Jim Salestrom has booked a round of gigs with Nashville fingerpicking wizard Pete Hutlinger.

I've revamped my live setup to include presets. Wow! I can still twiddle knobs, but now I don't always HAVE to. Also featured in the new rig is a synthesizer I've been building in software. The MoonPoly synth will make noises you might well never have heard before.

In non-music news, I've bought a house in the sunnyside neighborhood of denver, which I am fixing up, thanks to the invaluable wisdom and manpower of Jimmy Taylor. If you need any kind of construction work, drop me a line, and I'll give you his number. He's AWESOME. Guess that's about it for now!

Dec 3: gogoLab is planning to go into the studio later this month. We've bought lab coats, safety glasses and pink promotional pens. Gearing up to snag some spots on the summer festival circuit. Liz Barnez is taking her band to New Orleans in late January, then all over the country with the Subdudes in March. Jeff Finlin has a new deal that he hopes will take the band to the UK in april or may. Shaping up to be a busy year. I'm also looking to move to denver. More on that as it solidifies. And I'm still wrestling with shoulder pain, so I'm keeping the schedule light this month. Dang, I hate to turn down good work!

Nov 10: I'll be recording a few tunes with Ron Miles this weekend. I've actually done a number of sessions in the last few weeks, but all the information I have so far is first names! More soon on recordings by Sally, Seth, Hillary, and Reika. In other news, Jeff Finlin's song "Sugar Blue" is featured in the new Cameron Crowe movie, Elizabethtown, and Sarah Kelton just got a song placed on an NBC TV show. Also, there's a KBCO Studio C recording coming up next week with Liz Barnez. Also in the works with Liz, a tour opening for the Subdudes in late January and early February.

Oct 28: I've had to cancel a few gigs on account of shoulder problems. Hopefully this doesn't last too long, but I'm avoiding booking marathon gigs for the time being. This will probably include the chapultapec for another week or two. I'll keep y'all posted. (All both of you.)

AUG 15: Just heard from Liza, who is doing some shows in September. This is a really fun band, with a seamless mix of roots, country, funk and power-pop.

JULY 23: I got the call to do the Santa Fe Jazz Festival with Ron Miles, but couldn't do it, due to a previous commitment. The good news is it looks like I will be doing some recording with him this fall. He'll also be playing with me as guest soloist at City Presbyterian in August.

JULY 15: It occured to me I don't have any jazz up on the site, so I've just posted 3 songs I recorded with Songwriter/Vocalist Rhian Ayanna.

JULY 1: Just finished writing a bank of sounds for the new Alesis Fusion Synthesizer, due to hit stores late summer, hopefully equipped with a bunch of fine e moon sounds!

JUNE 14: Okay, all of the previously mentioned stuff has been uploaded, linked, and credited. There is a gospel section now, as well as a Nine Horse Johnson section. Even the ambient track is up and functional. Next task: Photos!

JUNE 9: I'm very excited to be working with renowned Colorado songstress Liz Barnez, starting with her record release party in July. Should be a fine band, with an impressive catalog of music to work on. Also, there's a veritable crapload of new AUDIO CLIPS, dogs be praised!
I've put up two of my own recent tracks, warts and all. These are barely mixed, and unmastered, so bear that in mind.... Also up, a selection of Punktronica tracks from my LA days with Jane Fontana, the classic "Gospel" material and a few favorites from the Sons of Igor record.... I've also got an mp3 of a classic ambient track ready to go, but at 32 minutes long (15 mb), it takes a while to upload on my wimpy connection.

NEWSFLASH: The June 2005 Schedule is now LIVE! HTML devotees will note that the new format uses a TABLE! WOW!! Also of note, past shows are available from the archives, for those who would like to mine the rich history of Moon's performing career and also because I can't throw anything away.

Hi, and welcome to the brand spankin' new Eric Moon Website! There's schedule, bio, and contact info here. Also a couple of mp3s of recent productions. The rest should follow shortly....